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Testimonial: Ben Calmes Uses SharkBite Max

Watch Ben Calmes Uses SharkBite Max for Water Heater Replacement on YouTube.

About Fix The Drip Plumbing

Hello, my name's Benjamin Lee Calmes, Jr. I own Fix The Drip Plumbing Company. We're out of Jackson, Georgia. Plumbing was kind of placed in my life in the sense that in between school, I very seldom had anything to do during the summer, if I wasn't playing sports. So, I spent a lot of time with my aunt and uncle. My uncle Harvey worked for a local plumbing contractor here in town and told me, "look, son, you're going to work." I said, "okay, I'll take the adventure with you." And it stuck. I loved it.

Installing an Electric Water Heater with SharkBite Max

With electric water heaters, we prefer to install PEX. We will transition from the house piping material and install the PEX straight to the water heater. So, we're not waiting on glue to dry, We're able to get the water back on, get that tank filling and heating.

The SharkBite Max fitting is going to go on a lot smoother and guaranteed to seal a lot better, in our opinion. We are capable of using this fitting in a manner that gets us from job one to job eight all in the same day, without waiting on glue to dry.

Why use SharkBite Max?

We have been using SharkBite in our business since we've been in business. Personally, I've used SharkBite for 10 to 12 years, actually. 
SharkBite's ability to make a mechanical seal is superior to all the other manufacturers. Material is the pivot point of the job in the sense that you're only as fast as your material, which is a slogan and a phrase within our industry. And if your job is going to be one that's very time consuming, you want a material that's going to move pretty quickly.

You're only as fast as your material. And if your job is going to be one that's very time consuming, you want a material that's going to move pretty quickly.

SharkBite Max has stepped up the game in the sense that the fitting goes on easier. You're already in a very awkward position underneath the cabinet. You're in a tight nook underneath some stairs and some wood wall members. That fitting has been made superior to make the connection.

Try SharkBite Max

The SharkBite Max fitting made a difference for Ben Calmes and Fix The Drip Plumbing. Learn more about how SharkBite Max can make jobs quicker, easier, and more affordable for your clients.

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