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SharkBite EvoPEX Installation Animation

Watch SharkBite EvoPEX Fitting Animation on YouTube.

EvoPEX is part of a complete PEX pipe system that pros say makes the entire installation process simple since no special tools are required.

Take a look inside a SharkBite® EvoPEX™ elbow to see the inner workings of this revolutionary PEX push-to-connect fitting. Watch the inner seal permanently engage with the PEX pipe as the green visual indicator identifies that a proper, watertight connection is sealed.

What’s Inside?  

The body of our EvoPEX fittings is made with Acudel®-modified PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) that makes the fitting tough, chemical resistant, anti-decay and dimensionally stable. The body is composed of an indicator ring, collet retainer, spacer, grab ring, collet and o-ring, as shown in the video. Read more about the features and functions of each component below.  

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