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EvoPEX Construction Installation


The Challenge: Faster, more efficient plumbing

When Chris Buss, co-owner of Buss Mechanical Services, Inc. was asked to install plumbing for a four-story Hilton Hotel in Meridian, Idaho, his priority was getting the job done efficiently, with minimal tools and labor. With that goal in mind, the team had to do some fast plumbing so the hotel could be up and running as soon as possible, which would, in turn, save time and money. Using EvoPex™ for new construction, we can do a job with fewer people, faster. Right now, that's worth its weight in gold.

We can do a job with less people, faster and right now, that's worth its weight in gold.

Chris Buss, co-owner of Buss Mechanical Services, Inc.

The Solution: Installing PEX tubing with SharkBite EvoPEX

Buss Mechanical Services, Inc. specializes in commercial and residential plumbing, including small tenant improvements, major construction, hospitals, hotels and multi-family sites. This crew has also seen their share of plumbing scenarios, methods, and products used on many types of jobs. Leaning on their vast experience, the team decided to use SharkBite products, including installing PEX tubing with EvoPEX fittings, due to the speed, accuracy and simplicity of the system.

“We’re using the EvoPEX system to try to assist with quickening the pace of the job and reducing the possibilities of leaks.”

Buss mentioned that with EvoPEX, the calibration of tools is not needed. “Once you have [the fitting] in there, you see the green indicator, you walk away…you’re not going to have problems,” he said. “We’ve installed close to 600 fittings, if not more, and we’ve never had a single problem… not a leak, not a failed fitting, nothing.”

In addition to SharkBite EvoPEX, Buss says he chose HoldRite PEX pipe Supports so the crew could easily stub the EvoPEX out. Transition fittings also made it easier to install directly to CPVC pipe, and the team never worried about mechanical joint failure. All this led to faster plumbing and they were able to complete the installation more quickly.

Buss said that another benefit of using the SharkBite EvoPEX construction system was that it required fewer tools and labor than traditional systems (such as a crimp). “Compared to a crimp where you’re going to have to get the tools and it is a two-handed system, this is [a] one-hand [system] and you never have to stop,” he said. “We can use one to two fewer people installing EvoPEX than you would a normal crimp system or solder system.

By installing PEX tubing with EvoPEX fittings, Buss was able to cut costs on labor, saving time and money, and according to Chris, “That’s worth its weight in gold.”

Project Highlights:

  • Buss Mechanical had to install 600+ fittings in a four-story hotel.
  • The crew has consistently relied on SharkBite products for a variety of commercial and residential projects.
  • By using SharkBite EvoPEX, the team was able to do fast plumbing, ultimately saving time and labor.
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