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How To Repair A Cracked Pipe


Oftentimes you’ll find that the source of a broken, leaky pipe is just a small crack. Fixing a leaky pipe like this with SharkBite can save you the time and headaches.

Cracked pipes with a compromised section of two inches or less can be fixed with a SharkBite Slip Coupling. For any plumbing repair, first turn off the main water supply to the house. Then follow these steps:

  • Cut out the section of broken pipe completely clear of the crack. Make sure the cut is square–meaning that the plane of the cut forms a 90-degree angle with the pipe.
  • Deburr the pipe with the appropriate sized gauge. This creates a smooth surface to lie flush against the O-ring, which would otherwise be damaged.
  • If repairing a copper pipe or similar pipe without depth markers, be sure to mark the pipe for the appropriate depth of the fitting.
  • Push the end of the coupling marked “slip end” over the pipe as far as it will go.

Using a disconnect clip on the slip end of the fitting, slide the coupling over the adjoining piece of pipe to the depth that you marked

That’s it! No need for soldering or any messy materials; and remember, SharkBite can be installed wet or dry, no matter the circumstance. Want to find out how to fix a cracked pipe damaged because of freezing? This is it!

Check out these SharkBite products to get the job done permanently and efficiently:

  • Stop Tee Adapters: Run a new supply from a current line.
  • Couplings: Connect two section of pipe with a perfect seal.
  • Slip Couplings: Perfect for anyone needing to fix a broken pipe.
  • PEX Tubing: Obtain the ultimate flexibility while avoiding future repairs.
  • Ball Valves: The sturdiest and most efficient to install valves.

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