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Introducing SharkBite Max™

SB vs SB Max

For years, SharkBite® brass push-to-connect fittings have helped pros complete remodels and emergency plumbing repairs with speed and ease. And as the industry evolved, we knew our technology would evolve with it. So we asked plumbers how we could enhance the original SharkBite design to help them achieve even more today. After much research and feedback, we’re proud to introduce SharkBite Max™. Explore the re-engineered push-to-connect fitting and how it’s different from the original one.

What Is SharkBite Max and How Is It Different Than SharkBite (1st Generation)?

SharkBite Max fittings are the newly designed version of the SharkBite (1st Generation) push-to-connect fittings you know and love. These products meet the same level of quality, reliability and code requirements as SharkBite 1st generation fittings. And with some re-engineering, they come with a few enhancements to help your installations go even smoother.

  • Stainless-steel retainer. The SharkBite Max design includes the same corrosion-resistant brass body as 1st generation fittings, but it also includes a reinforcing stainless-steel collar for added strength.
  • Higher burst pressure. SharkBite Max fittings have double the burst pressure of the 1st generation SharkBite fittings. The new couplings and end connectors also feature a higher pressure rating of 250 psi.
  • Less insertion effort. SharkBite Max connections require only half the insertion effort to push the fitting onto the pipe compared to the original SharkBite design.
  • No PEX stiffener. Unlike SharkBite (1st Generation) fittings, which come with a built-in PEX tube liner, SharkBite Max couplings don’t include the insert since they are no longer required for PEX applications per ASSE 1061.
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How Is SharkBite Max Used and How Is It Similar to 1st Generation?

SharkBite Max couplings come in sizes ranging between 1/2 – 1 in. and are installed using the same steps as the original fittings: cut, deburr, push and done. After inserting the pipe, stainless steel teeth bite down and grip the pipe tightly while a specially formulated o-ring compresses around the pipe to create a watertight seal.

Like 1st generation SharkBite couplings, SharkBite Max fittings are the fastest way to connect PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT or HDPE pipe compared to other conventional plumbing methods. They also:

  • Require no special tools.
  • Can be installed on wet lines and be pressure tested immediately.
  • Can be installed underground (wrapping required) and behind the wall without access panels.
  • Can be rotated after installation for quick adjustments.
  • Are rated to 200°F.
  • Are code-approved, third-party listed.

SharkBite stands behind its products with a 25-year warranty for all Max fittings when properly installed with PEX, copper, CPVC and PE-RT pipe.

SB Max Elbow and Coupling

Where and When Do You Use SharkBite Max Fittings?

Common applications include service and repair, repipe, and remodel — just like SharkBite (1st Generation) fittings. In addition to couplings, other products in the SharkBite Max family include:

  • Supply stop valves.
  • Ball valves.
  • Water heater connectors.
  • Check valves.
  • Pressure regulating valves.
  • Flexible repair hoses.

Whether you need to fix a leak, install a water heater or remodel a bathroom, be ready for a range of installations with strong, reliable SharkBite Max fittings.

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