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Inside SharkBite - Episode 2: Manufacturing

Watch Inside SharkBite - Episode 2: Manufacturing Plumbing Solutions on YouTube.

With a commitment to innovation, SharkBite must invest in people and product development, but also, premier technology. Explore some of the machines and processes that help make SharkBite fittings and ensure their quality.

SharkBite’s End-to-End Process  

1. Assembly.  

We try and control the products from start to finish, from the point of raw material all the way to the point that it's installed in someone’s house. That means from the very initial stages with the metallurgy of the raw material, through the assembly process, into the actual field, and then supporting the people in the field as they're installing the product.

2. Lean manufacturing techniques.  

Since quality is built into our processes, we utilize some of our lean manufacturing techniques to ensure that we engineer any problems out of our products.

We machine some of our fittings, which includes cleaning, washing and assembling them. We make control valves as well, which is where we do a lot of our assembly by hand. We have a lot of automated systems, and we also extrude plastic PEX pipe.

3. Quality checkpoints.  

Our manufacturing process includes assembly checkpoints that are in place for quality and efficiency. We are basically starting from raw stock to a finished component in about three and a half seconds. So what we're able to do is take raw material in, machine it, clean it, assemble it, go through a quality check, and then it's ready to be packaged and sold to the customer.

Quality is Top Priority

Investing in Technology  

Our number one goal is to make a quality product that is the exact same, every time. The robotics and machinery, PLC, and programming in our system makes this possible. The SharkBite automated system includes just two touchpoints, ensuring quality for our customers and added safety for our employees.

Owned Manufacturing: Why It Matters

SharkBite manufacturing is all about quality and maintaining that quality. We have control over the raw material coming in, the entire assembly machining process, as well as the final quality inspection. Because of this, we can address issues that happen in real-time, rather than worrying about batching with multiple sub-suppliers.

“It's the team environment. They're always looking for better solutions, how to do it better, how to do it faster, how to make it a better-quality product. And they're always trying to be engaged in those processes.”

Chris Girard, Plant Manager
We have in-house quality inspections and in our automated systems, the cameras and lighting can poke, yoke, and/or prove out any issues that could cause leaks in a home. Also, at the very end of our product line, we do a hundred percent in-house inspection so defects never get into a bag, store, or into a customer's hands.

We never compromise on the quality of fittings, components, pipes and valves that we make. SharkBite uses the highest-grade materials and components you can get in the marketplace and we do that for a reason.

We are not going to sell the cheapest products in the market, but we will sell the highest quality products that will last the longest. When you install a SharkBite, you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing it’s a reliable product. 

“I'm passionate about the product, this company, our focus on innovation, quality, and the entire manufacturing process that we need to take a high level of pride in. It makes coming to work fun.”

Dixon Thuston, Global VP of Operations

From raw material to the final product, to testing and shipping, it all happens here at the SharkBite plant in Coleman, Alabama. The end-to-end manufacturing process is fitting; our product catalog enables the end-to-end plumbing solution to come from one company. Next, we review what that end-to-end solution means to you as a builder and your homeowner on Inside SharkBite.