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3 Myths About Using SharkBite Behind the Wall and Underground

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When you’re in the field, you don’t have time to worry about your equipment being strong enough, especially if you’re plumbing behind a wall or underground. With hundreds of products and solutions to choose from, and just as many opinions from your industry peers about the right way to plumb, it can be challenging to figure out which method will work best for you.

As the plumbing industry evolves, more and more contractors rely on the efficiency, versatility and durability of SharkBite push-to-connect fittings. With more than 1.5 million connections made each week, SharkBite has quickly become a trusted solution for pipe transitions, plumbing repairs and more.  

While plumbers trust push-to-connect fittings for many applications, they sometimes hesitate to use them in concealed spaces. Although there are some convincing myths about SharkBite, the truth is that these fittings can be trusted and used in concealed spaces. Here are three common myths you may have heard, debunked by the facts.  

Myth: “SharkBite fittings are only good for short-term repairs and need to be replaced by permanent connections.”

Fact: SharkBite fittings are approved by the Uniform Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code for permanent installation.  

Properly installed SharkBite fittings provide permanent connections, backed by a 25-year warranty. This only applies if the item has been installed according to the installation instructions and is compliant with local code.  

SharkBite fittings are specifically designed for permanent connection and aren’t intended to be disconnected and reconnected repeatedly. In fact, the only way to remove them properly is to use the SharkBite PRO disconnect tool, tongs or clips.

We’ve also designed our fittings with long-term use in mind. For instance, SharkBite Max fittings provide the same features and benefits as the first generation, but with added strength, durability and double the burst pressure for more peace of mind that your connection will last.  

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Myth: “Don’t trust an o-ring seal in a concealed space.”

Fact: O-rings create a watertight seal that is trusted by pros across many industries and applications. 

O-rings are all around you —from washing machines and dishwashers to car engines and other machinery. These industries use o-rings to create secure watertight or airtight seals that are long-lasting. SharkBite fittings use chloramine-resistant EPDM o-rings to create secure connections. Positioned on both sides of the tube stop, our o-rings compress between the pipe and the wall of the fitting to create a watertight seal. They are manufactured using our owned manufacturing process, which ensures our fittings are made with the highest quality materials. They are also tested and are constantly being improved.  

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I can put SharkBite fittings behind drywall, tile or beneath the floor and not have to worry about it,” he said about the installation. “I can sleep at night and I know my customers can, too.

Clint McCannon, Owner of Cannon Plumbing

See McCannon’s project: Single Family Repipe (Suwanee, GA)

Larry Jones, owner and president of Universal Plumbing, also trusts SharkBite behind the wall. When his crew renovated the plumbing in a 1950's home, they chose SharkBite (1st Generation) and PEX to do the job. Not only did the no-tools solution make the team’s job easier, but they also finished their project ahead of schedule and didn’t have to look back.  

In the years I have used SharkBite, we’ve yet to have one fail. They’ve always served us well in what we’ve done.

Tim Redd, contractor
  Read more about the team’s success using SharkBite: SharkBite Universal Residential Renovation (Augusta, GA) 

Myth: “You should never use SharkBite behind –the –wall or underground.”

Fact: SharkBite fittings are IAPMO tested and approved for behind-the-wall and underground applications.

Current IAPMO R&T Listing (File No. 4630), states:

“Push fit fittings can be used in underground applications and as manufactured joints without access panels. To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.”

Other SharkBite certifications include:

ASSE 1061

  • Performance standard for all push-fit fittings.
  • Approves push-to-connect fittings for underground and behind-the-wall applications.


  • Establishes minimum health-safety requirements for materials that come into contact with drinking water.
  • Applies to all push-to-connect fittings. 


  • Establishes the minimum physical, performance and health effects requirements for plastics piping system components and related materials.
  • Addresses dezincification and stress crack corrosion of brass alloys.


  • Certifies low-lead content for plumbing products

Additionally, SharkBite fittings comply with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), National Plumbing Code of Canada and the International Plumbing Code (IPC). See your local plumbing codes for specific applications.

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Key Takeaways

SharkBite fittings are a permanent solution. By using o-rings on either side of the tube stop, SharkBite fittings create a watertight seal for every type of connection. They are tested and approved for underground and behind-the-wall applications when installed properly. 

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