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7 Reasons Why SharkBite Rises Above Other Push-to-Connect Brands


Many people think all push-to-connect fittings are SharkBite. While we're flattered, there are several other kinds of push-to-connect fittings out there, and not all of them are built to last like ours. In this article, we’ll show you what makes SharkBite fittings the best push-to-connect fittings for potable water plumbing and hydronic heating.

Why SharkBite Brass Push-to-Connect Fittings Are Better Than the Rest

From product parts to industry expertise to ongoing support, there are many factors — not just one — that place a product at the top of a plumbers’ go-to list.

Below are the reasons SharkBite fittings have become the most reliable push-to-connect fittings solution and what exactly makes them stand out from the crowd of other push-to-connect brands.

1. We Cover a Wide Product Range

When it comes to everything you need to service and repair a plumbing system, the SharkBite brass push-to-connect line has everything from elbows to hose bibbs. Working with a product line that covers different situations helps minimize liability since you can rely on one system for all your jobs rather than piecing together products of varying brands and quality. But some push-to-connect manufacturers only specialize in elbows or tees, limiting pros’ ability to rely on one system.

Product range

Aside from the diversity of fittings within SharkBite’s push-to-connect system, you also get versatility with a range of fitting sizes ranging from ¼ in. to 1 in.

2. We Meet and Exceed Code Approvals and Testing Standards

The technical details may not be the most exciting information about a product, but they can give you the facts you need to know so your installations won’t fail. SharkBite brass push-to-connect fittings are design certified and agency listed. This makes them inspector friendly and gives you peace of mind that your work is supported with quality engineered and manufactured products.

To be absolutely sure our fittings are strong and durable enough for your jobs, our engineers often test them beyond performance requirements. We perform a lot of these tests in house so we can push our products to their limit, adjusting and re-testing until the product rises to our quality standards.

Behind the wall installation

3. They’re Made of the Right Materials for the Right Application

Not all fittings are designed for potable water distribution and hydronic heating. Always double check that the fitting can meet the needs of your application.

SharkBite brass push line does this by featuring materials such as corrosion-resistant, lead-free, dezincification brass and internal parts that work together to create a strong, tightly sealed connection for potable water plumbing. The fittings are also approved for use underground and behind walls without access panels.

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4. We’re Trusted in the Industry

While there’s something exciting about entering the market as a novelty product, there’s something more to be said about a product that stands the test of time to become a well-known name in their industry. With over 20 years of push-to-connect product manufacturing under our belt, SharkBite is a tried and true brand. This is also evident in the sheer number of distributors across the nation who carry our fittings. Wherever you are, you can find us — whether you shop at a wholesaler, retailer like Home Depot or Lowe’s, Amazon or your local hardware store.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. You’ll also find SharkBite reviews and testimonials about our product lines, so you can read about other pros’ experiences too.

Manufacturing process

5. We Own Our Manufacturing Process

We don’t hand off our SharkBite fittings to someone else to make, hoping the quality and integrity of its components and assembly is up to par. Pros deserve to have confidence in the quality of the products they’re using. We own the manufacturing process for our brass push fittings, so we’re in complete control of how they’re made. Because there isn’t a long chain of communication between the brand and the end manufacturer, your feedback and support are funneled to us more quickly so we can continue to refine our products for you.

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6. We Innovate Through Rigorous Research & Development

Having propelled push-to-connect technology to the forefront of the plumbing market years ago, we’re dedicated to staying proactive in evolving our solutions to better solve contractor challenges.

For example, we know that plumbers who faithfully use one product from a manufacturer they trust may feel more comfortable using several products from that same manufacturer. So, we made SharkBite products compatible with other plumbing solutions made by our parent company, RWC. With pipe supports, PEX pipe, fittings, and valves all from RWC, pros can complete installations from meter to fixture with products they trust.

Because push-to-connect tech is our specialty, you can be sure we’re not cutting corners. Plumbers make sure they get every installation and repair right because they take pride in their craft and their reputation depends on it. It's the same for us. We’re not complacent. In fact, we are involved in trade associations that are responsible for setting standards that advance the plumbing industry, so we’re always looking to the future.


7. We Offer Ample Support & Resources

We share pros’ immense pride and dedication to the craft of plumbing. With many former plumbers on our team, we’re empathetic to your most common challenges and are committed to investing in your success, including through support and resources. For self-directed learners, how-to videos and online training courses are accessible through our website. For those who want the cold, hard facts, detailed product spec sheets are available for download. And for any other questions you may have, you can always contact our customer service team. We’re ready to help.

We also support pros beyond the purchase. We think that if you dot your i's and cross your t’s, you should be rewarded. We offer a 25-year warranty as one more way to help you install with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back.