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Max Faucet & Dishwasher Connector with Dual Stop Valve

Upgrade your kitchen plumbing installations with the SharkBite Max Faucet and Dishwasher Connector Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to simplify the connection process with a 30 in. faucet hose and a 60 in. dishwasher hose, both made from durable stainless steel and pre-attached to a dual shut-off valve. This innovative valve allows for independent operation of both the faucet and the dishwasher, enhancing convenience and efficiency. The addition of a female garden hose elbow fitting to the dishwasher connector ensures an easy, leak-proof installation, compatible with standard FHT connections.

The dual outlet valve, designed to connect to the hot water supply, eliminates the need for secondary connections like saddle valves or unnecessary tees, streamlining your setup. Compatible with copper, PEX, CPVC, or PE-RT pipes, the SharkBite Max system facilitates quick, tool-free connections. The stainless steel teeth and a specially formulated O-ring in the push-to-connect fittings ensure a secure and durable seal. The fittings and valve can be rotated post-installation for easier access in tight spaces and are easily disassembled for maintenance or adjustment with the simple use of a disconnect tool.The SharkBite Max Faucet and Dishwasher Connector Kit offers an all-in-one solution for your kitchen’s plumbing needs, ensuring a quick, reliable, and efficient installation with long-lasting durability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Shut-Off Valve: Controls water flow to both the faucet and dishwasher independently, attached to a single point for streamlined efficiency.
  • 30-Inch and 60-Inch Stainless Steel Hoses: Provide flexibility and durability for faucet and dishwasher connections.
  • Female Garden Hose Elbow Fitting: Adds convenience and ensures a straightforward installation for dishwashers.
  • Push-to-Connect Installation: Allows for easy setup without the need for tools, soldering, or crimping.
  • Compatible with Multiple Pipe Types: Works seamlessly with copper, PEX, CPVC, or PE-RT pipes.
  • Leak-Proof Seal: Stainless steel teeth and an O-ring create a reliable connection that withstands everyday usage.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Fittings can be rotated after installation, making it ideal for tight spaces.
  • Easy Maintenance and Upgrades: Quick disassembly allows for changes and reuse of components.
  • Can be easily removed using a disconnect clip, disconnect tongs or pro disconnect tool.

    *SharkBite push-to-connect fittings are the fastest when compared to other conventional plumbing methods.
    **Comparison relates to 1st generation SharkBite push-to-connect products.

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