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Brass Push-to-Connect Ball Valves

Ball Valves with innovative push-to-connect design are ideal for working in tight spaces.

SharkBite brass push ball valves are manufactured with a push-to-connect design, making them a perfect fit for service & repair jobs in tight spaces. Quickly install SharkBite brass push ball valves in wet lines to shut-off water flow, without the need for special tools, crimping, glue or soldering. Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE pipe, pros can get in, complete the repair and move on their next job. SharkBite offers a wide selection of ball valves, from ball valves with drains for freeze protection to slip ball valves that allow for up to two inches of copper or CPVC pipe to be cut out of an existing line. Check out the full line of SharkBite push-fit ball valves to find right part for your next job.