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Testimonial: SharkBite Water Heater Replacement

Watch Testimonial: SharkBite Water Heater Replacement on YouTube.

SharkBite has been a huge part of the industry and definitely a breakthrough in technology.

Ben Goheen, owner and founder of The Neighborhood Plumber

Saving Time with SharkBite

Ben Goheen, owner and founder of The Neighborhood Plumber, has been plumbing for over 15 years in metro Atlanta. His office is in Winder, but he will go anywhere; if a customer needs help his team will try to get to them.Watch as he works on a water heater replacement

Goheen is putting in a water heater replacement and working on several other tasks for this home. SharkBite is going to save him a lot of time. Typically this would be a four or five hour job, but because of SharkBite's design, he is able to finish in about two hours.

New Water Heater Install

First, Goheen needs to get the new water heater ready to drain, but some of the valves will not turn off. Preventatively, he adds SharkBite valves to eliminate problems down the road.

Another product Goheen is using is the Cash Acme tank booster. Tank booster gives homeowners 40% more hot water without increasing the tank and will prevent accidental scaldings. It increases the temperature in the storage tank and pre-mixes cold water with the tank water, which provides on-demand temperature according to the homeowner's needs.

"The client that we're at just had a baby. So one of the benefits with the tank booster is they're going to have a lot more hot water to prepare for all the dirty diapers and clothes they're going to have to wash."

To easily access and reconnect everything, Goheen is using the SharkBite flex hoses. This eliminates extra fittings and includes an integrated cutoff valve, making the job even more efficient.

The Neighborhood Plumber team uses these featured SharkBite products and more so they can avoid adapters and glue drying. Because of the busy market, plumbers are in need of a fast solution to time-consuming problems. By using SharkBite, it cuts the job in half and gives plumbers, like Goheen, a more efficient process.

Learn More About SharkBite

SharkBite has been a huge part of the industry and a breakthrough in technology for plumbers. Learn more about how SharkBite can transform your plumbing job from our video resources.