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Testimonial: SharkBite EvoPEX Multi-Family Renovation

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Hi, my name is Russ Mounts. I'm president of Inter-Mountain Mechanical Contractor based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  

We are currently on a 285-unit apartment remodel. I have been contracted by Palace Construction to assist them in replacing all the plumbing. When they first came to me, they didn’t want a schedule impact. I was kind of in a dilemma- that's a lot of work without a schedule impact.  

From Skeptic to Loyal Customer  

I heard about SharkBite EvoPEX and my skepticism was very, very high. So, budget and time were major factors in choosing EvoPEX. When I started, I ordered enough material just to do eight units. After the initial eight units, I was so impressed by the speed, quality and performance of these fittings that I ordered enough to do 165 units.  

The one thing that impressed me most is that the fittings themselves indicate when the fitting is fully connected. Because of the limited space available to us, EvoPEX made it simpler to reach up and push a fitting together. We've not had any issues as it relates to the installation of EvoPEX. The biggest issue we've had is with timing, but EvoPEX helped us reduce our installation time by a minimum of 50%.  

This product has impressed me so much that now, all my PEX installations will include EvoPEX over any other method of installation from this job forward.  

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