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Testimonial: Goode Plumbing

Watch Why Goode Plumbing Uses Cash Acme Water Heater Tank Booster for Chicago Homes on YouTube.

We’re located in Chicago, and we’re known for sports. We have the Blackhawks and a lot of fun things to do. We serve Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, which includes about 3 million people and everybody needs hot water.  

Giving Customers More Hot Water & Scald Protection 

Hi, my name is Mike Goode, I’m the owner of Goode Plumbing.  

We were founded in 2006. We’re focused on high quality and delivering the best customer experience that we can. We do all our work up to a standard and we expect the products that we install to live up to those as well. Some of the products that we’re using from Cash Acme right now include the water heater Tank Booster and the Thermostatic Mixing Valve.

We got a call recently from a client that has three kids and he was running out of hot water. By the time he was ready to take a shower in the morning and head out to work, there was nothing left for him and he had to take cold showers. We are very confident that the Tank Booster we’re installing is going to take care of this issue.  

One thing that comes up a lot is legionella. Most water heaters in your house are set to 100 to 120 degrees, which is the perfect breeding ground for legionella. By running your water heater at a lower temperature, you have less usable hot water. 160° F water will disinfect and kill the legionella.  

Turning your water heater up higher makes the water heater cycle less so it runs more efficiently. The problem is now you’re going to have a scald risk, so with the Tank Booster, you’re able to turn that water heater up high enough to kill the legionella bacteria, but it’ll allow you to turn the actual outgoing water to a safe temperature.  

Once we started using a tank booster, we had zero callbacks. It’s been a phenomenal product. My employees love installing them; they have a temperature gauge built in, which makes setup really easy. It’s a very nice, high-quality product to use.  

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Thermostatic Mixing Valve  

This is another great product that we’ve been working with recently. We’re going to be installing a Cash Acme HG135 mixing valve in a bar in Wrigleyville called My Buddies. We got a call from the owner, who wanted to make sure he had the hand-washing sinks and so forth hot enough for his employees. He’d also received a few complaints from his patrons that the water in the bathrooms was scalding hot.  

I think the HG135 is going to be an excellent solution to his problem. It’s a compact thermostatic mixing valve, and what it does is temper the water down to a specific temperature. It has a lot of flexibility to control the faucet at a specific location. It’s got a mounting bracket, which makes it nice and easy to tuck up so that it’s hidden from view. However, it’s pretty enough that if you want to keep it in sight, we’re very comfortable doing that as well.  

Cash Acme has been great, and their customer support has been fantastic. Whenever something new comes out, we make a phone call and our questions are answered right then and there.

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