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How To: Use the SharkBite Pro Disconnect Tool

Watch How to Disconnect SharkBite Brass Push with Removal Tool on YouTube.

The SharkBite Pro Disconnect Tool is specifically engineered to remove SharkBite fittings. With just one tool, plumbers can release SharkBite brass push-to-connect fittings ranging in sizes 3/8- 1 in.


  • Rugged design enables thousands of cycles.
  • Prongs labeled “pipe” and “fitting” to guide placement.
  • Prong sides can be differentiated by color.
  • No retaining rings, interchangeable jaws, faceplates or screws needed.


  • Increased durability.
  • Extended life compared to other disconnect tools.
  • Quicker removal.

How to Use the SharkBite Pro Disconnect Tool:

  1. Ensure that the removal tool’s prong side labeled “pipe” is fully seated onto the pipe and placed evenly across the release collar.
  2. Check that the “fitting” side of the removal tool is placed above the barrel of the push-to-connect fitting.
  3. Squeeze the removal tool handle until the collar is fully compressed. This releases the fitting from the pipe, allowing you to pull the fitting free. Tip: Slightly rotating the pipe or fitting may help release the SharkBite fitting more easily.
  4. If the fitting does not release, remove the tool and reattach it, ensuring the prongs are properly and evenly seated onto the release collar and fitting.

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