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How To: Install Ice Maker Outlet Boxes

Watch How to Install SharkBite Ice Maker Outlet Boxes on YouTube.

SharkBite outlet boxes feature push-to-connect fittings that are compatible with copper, CPVC or PEX pipe. To fit the specific application, ice maker outlet boxes can be installed with or without water hammer arresters.

How To Install Ice Maker Outlet Boxes

Note: If you're replacing an existing outlet box, remember to shut off the water supply and drain the water lines first.

  1. Measure and mark the area that is 18 in. from the floor to the top of the outlet box.
  2. Attach the mounting brackets to the studs with screws or nails at the desired height.
  3. Be sure to brace the water distribution lines to prevent any movement, then connect them to the fittings.
  4. Once the wall surface is finished, snap the face plate into place.
  5. Make sure that the outlet box valves are turned to the off position and the appliance is connected before turning the water supply back on.

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