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Keep Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Jobs on Schedule with SharkBite


Year after year, kitchen remodels remain consistently popular among homeowners. In fact, a Houzz study found that a third of home renovations in 2019 included the kitchen.

Since many of these projects include updates to kitchen plumbing — like kitchen sink faucet replacements and dishwashers — homeowners often hire plumbers to make the changes. But unlike new construction jobs, home remodeling plumbing jobs have to be planned around the resident’s schedule.

For most families, the kitchen is the most used room in the home, so it’s important for plumbing professionals to stay on schedule and prioritize the comfort of their clients. To do this, you need products designed to keep the job running smoothly.

Select plumbing products that:

  • Can be installed in wet lines so you won’t inconvenience customers with lack of running water during the renovation.
  • Don’t require special tools or produce harmful fumes from adhesives or flames from soldering.
  • Are easy to install in tight spaces like under the sink so renovations stay on schedule.
  • Provide a watertight connection, helping prevent customer callbacks.

Kitchen Plumbing Products for Remodels

SharkBite’s kitchen plumbing products are designed to do all of the above and more for plumbing pros. As you plan your next kitchen remodel job, consider our durable supply stops, connection kits, outlet boxes, thermostatic mixing valves and transition fittings.

Supply Stops

In SharkBite’s supply stop collection, you’ll find angle stops, straight stops, tee stops and dual shut-off valves. Each features a push-to-connect inlet for quick installations. Remodels are also an excellent time to install water hammer arrestors to quiet your customers’ plumbing system.

On Trend: Exposed Plumbing Under Sink

Exposed plumbing is something homeowners are wanting to see more and more in their kitchen remodels. Our attractive supply stops can be an easy way to accommodate your homeowner’s unique design aesthetic while providing a quality product.

Dishwasher & Faucet Connection Kits

Short on time? SharkBite offers dishwasher connection kits and faucet connection kits, which include the necessary stop valves, PEX supply lines and more. These premade kits feature SharkBite fittings, so there’s no soldering or gluing needed. You can also buy each of these plumbing products separately, like a dishwasher elbow or shut-off valve, depending on what you need for the install.

Ice Maker Outlet Boxes

During a kitchen renovation, you may need to replace an ice maker saddle valve in an older home or relocate a refrigerator. The SharkBite Ice Maker Outlet Box lets you quickly shut the water supply off during the installation.

Kitchen Pipe Transition Fittings

Working in an older home with polybutylene pipes? If replacing the entire plumbing system isn’t an option, you can use polybutylene transition fittings to update the plumbing in the kitchen and connect to new pipes, such as PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT or SDR-9 HDPE.

We also offer other transition fittings to reduce installation times and provide a more secure fit than traditional methods.

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Before Your Next Kitchen Remodel Job

Discover even more of SharkBite’s plumbing products for remodels on our remodeling solutions page and in the brochure below. Then, contact your local wholesaler or pro desk to request the products you want to use on your next kitchen remodel.

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