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6 Ways Plumbers Can Use Social Media to Support Their Business


Plumbing has always been a face-to-face business: visiting someone’s home, standing in front of the issue and staying to fix it. But business doesn’t just happen in person. 54% of social users research products and services on social media before they buy, which means having a strong social media presence is crucial to growing your plumbing business — especially if you’re a one-person show.

Here are a few ways to get social media to work for you so that you can take your business to the next level.

1. See What Your Customers are Saying and Use the Feedback

Social media is one of the main places plumbers receive reviews, particularly on Facebook. As people post about their experiences and rate your business, you can see what makes your customers happy and how you can adjust to strengthen any potential weak spots in your service.

57 percent of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars, and 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation made to them by a friend, colleague, family member or acquaintance. Knowing customers’ thoughts can help you improve your business, which can produce more positive reviews and grow your customer base in the long run.

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Tip: If you communicate with customers digitally or collect basic contact information from them when they request your services, send them an email after completing the job and ask them to leave a review.

2. Give Customers Advice Online

Not every customer has time for a phone call. Help people diagnose their issues online and offer tips for keeping their plumbing system running smoothly. Further explain your plumbing services, if needed. The small moment you take to answer someone’s question goes a long way. And as business owners know, always respond to any complaints quickly and empathetically.

By nurturing people with good customer service online and in person, you can better manage your reputation and position yourself as a helpful and proactive plumber.

Tip: You don’t necessarily need to respond to every comment or review, but you should get in touch if someone needs help or leaves a negative review. Take the conversation away from the public eye by offering a customer support email or phone number.

3. Connect with the Right Audience More Easily

One thing to keep in mind is where your audience spends their time online. You want to make sure you’re spending your valuable time, money or both on the platforms they’re on.

Are your customers younger? Instagram and Twitter may be the best sites for you. If they’re more mature, then perhaps consider Facebook. Promote specials and share pictures of your craftsmanship and your team. Let them know who’s behind the post. People love connecting with other people and businesses they can relate to.

Tip: Instagram users love real-time visual content, so post Stories to show real-time behind-the-scenes photos. You can go live on Instagram or Facebook and do Q&As with your customers. Be sure to promote it on your account first so people know to tune in and prep some questions!

4. Wow Your Customers with Your Expertise (Before You Even Meet Them)

Many people explore a company’s social media accounts before choosing to do business with them. An active presence online sends several messages: you’re accessible, you care about your online community and — depending on the plumbing content you share and post — that you’re an industry leader.

In addition to promoting your business, share industry news and tips to establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the local plumbing community.

Tip: Do you follow any trade associations or publications to stay informed? Share the articles you read to your social media accounts and add your own thoughts.

5. Find New Opportunities for Your Plumbing Business

Gain a fresh perspective and build community by seeing what plumbers in different regions are doing. Following others in the field can also help you see if there’s a need in your area that isn’t being met so you can fill the gap.

You can also see how other plumbers are engaging with their customers online. Are they doing something innovative that you can put your own spin on? Check it out, share with your team, and get some creative juices flowing so you can stay one step ahead.

Tip: Look beyond your industry to businesses in other trades for ideas you can build on for your own audience. Facebook and Instagram both have bookmark features so you can save social media plumbing posts for inspiration.

6. Connect with Industry Peers for Support and Community

Ever wish you could ask someone else in the plumbing community about a problem you’re trying to solve? Or get a second opinion on the best product for a certain job? Join Facebook groups to connect with other plumbers. They’re the perfect place to share successes, ask questions and build camaraderie, even from afar.

Here are a few plumbing Facebook groups to check out:

Tip: LinkedIn is also a great place to network. Follow trade associations and plumber hashtags like #plumbing to connect with other pros and industry leaders.

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