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EvoPEX Push-to-Connect Couplings

PEX-only push-to-connect couplings that streamline PEX installations without bulky tools.

Streamline Installs with EvoPEX Push-to-connect Pipe Couplings

EvoPEX push fittings install faster than traditional rough-in plumbing methods used for PEX, without the need for special tools such as crimps, clamps or PEX rings. The intuitive design of our PEX pipe connectors makes them ideal for streamlining new construction, remodel and repiping jobs. SharkBite PEX-only couplings show a green indicator when they are secured in place to ensure a permanent connection was made. The EvoPEX Coupling can be leveraged in straight one-to-one pipe connections, while the EvoPEX Reducing Coupling is designed to connect different sized PEX pipes. For PEX pipe couplings with greater versatility, consider the EvoPEX Elbow or Tee push fittings to support a directional change at the intersect.