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SharkBite PE-RT Pipe Overview

Flexible, freeze resistant and better for the environment.

SharkBite PE-RT pipe is a polyethylene pipe that is both flexible and recyclable. The flexibility of PE-RT makes it the perfect choice for working in tight areas or if you want to reduce the number of fittings needed on the job. Fewer connection points means a more reliable system. Installation is easy and fast with SharkBite ProLock fittings. No special tools are needed and ProLock fittings can be easily rotated after connecting for the perfect install. SharkBite PE-RT pipe comes with a 25-year warranty and is fully code compliant. The flexible tubing is freeze, corrosion and water hammer resistant. And with 180°F temperature rating and certified Level 5 chlorine resistant, it’s approved for both residential and commercial applications. SharkBite PE-RT tubing is proudly made in the USA, manufactured out of eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable.