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Plumbing Pros Do More with SharkBite PEX & Fittings


Finishing a project with confidence, knowing you’ve made a proper permanent connection is priceless. It takes only three seconds to install a SharkBite fitting, which means you get valuable time back and can move on to your next job more quickly.

Plumbers who install SharkBite fittings and SharkBite PEX as a system, say they choose these products for their speed and durability. SharkBite push-to-connectfittings are compatible with a variety of pipe types including PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and SDR-9 HDPE. Pros who use SharkBite tell us that, in addition to the versatility of SharkBite Universal, they find the fittings to be very easy to work with. Here’s a quick look at two projects where SharkBite solutions helped teams stay on schedule.

Georgia plumber of 28 years says SharkBite never fails

Contractors from Universal Plumbing in Augusta, GA chose SharkBite on a bathroom renovation in a home that was built in the 1950’s. During this renovation, the team had to replace bathroom wall fixtures, and switched the plumbing from copper to PEX.

Tim Redd, a plumber for almost 30 years, said he chose SharkBite Universal and PEX for the job, due to his past experiences with the efficiency of the SharkBite system. The renovation required frequent access to tight spaces and Redd said that SharkBite worked perfectly. “It’s a lot easier than us having to try to get into a tight space and solder. A lot of times crimpers won’t fit in the walls. So, you use a push-to-connect fitting and it goes right in,” he told us.

Larry Jones, owner of Universal Plumbing, added that he was immediately impressed with the time savings his team experienced during this job. Hear more from Jones and Redd in the complete project case study and video: SharkBite Universal Residential Renovation.

48 Apartment units renovated on time with SharkBite system

In another project, contractors working on Kingswood Apartments in North Carolina were able to easily install multiple water heaters during an apartment complex renovation, while tenants were still in their units. They used SharkBite PEX, hoses and couplings alongside Cash Acme Tank Boosters to meet the challenge. “SharkBite fixtures allow us to make connections to existing pipe very rapidly,” Project Manager at AMO, LLC Bryan Raines told us. This project was a success, yielding many happy tenants and a team who completed the job time. Watch the testimonial video from this project.

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