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Make Emergency Repairs on Wet Lines with Slip Fittings

SharkBite fittings

When plumbing emergencies happen, you must act quickly and ensure that your repair is done correctly with a secure pipe and fitting system. If you need to repair a water line, but do not want to deal with the mess and fumes of adhesive or the difficulty of soldering or crimping in small spaces, SharkBite repair fittings offer a simple and effective alternative that can be installed in minutes. 

Traditionally, fixing a pipe leak would require you to use two fittings and an added section of pipe. Since SharkBite brass push-to-connect slip fittings require no tools or additional pipe, you can repair up to two inches of pipe by simply sliding on the fitting to make the connection. Another important benefit of using SharkBite fittings for your repair is that they can be used on wet pipe, versus other methods like gluing CPVC or soldering copper, leading to faster repairs.

Identify if the pipe you are repairing is CPVC or copper. Locate the damage and remove up to two inches of pipe, making sure you’ve made a straight and clean cut. For CPVC, check your pipe for scratches or debris that could interfere with the proper installation of the fitting.

For copper, get rid of any sharp edges and burrs. Mark the insertion depth on both ends of the pipe using an appropriate depth marker or ruler. You can also use the SharkBite deburr & gauge tool for this purpose, and to quickly remove burrs from the ends of your pipe. Check your SharkBite fittings for any damage or blockages, as any loose particles or debris can prevent you from installing correctly. 

With a twisting motion, push the slip end of the fitting onto the pipe as far as it will go. Use your disconnect clip or tongs, press the release collar on the slip end and slide the fitting back over the connecting pipe, to the insertion depth mark. Do not slide the fitting past your depth mark. After you turn the water back on and check the connection, your repair is complete.

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