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3 Ways to Help Customers Overcome Frozen Pipes This Winter


A frozen, burst pipe can quickly turn holiday cheer into a season of hardship, as water from the leaking pipe can quickly cause damage to floors, walls, personal property and more. Plus, it creates the perfect environment for mold growth and structural damage.

SharkBite and its complementary brands in the RWC family can help you prep customers on how to prevent frozen pipes as well as help you make repairs quickly when freezes happen. Proactive measures lower your customers’ risk of water damage from frozen pipes and help you build trust.

Consider these three things as you service homes this winter.

1. Repair burst pipes with push-to-connect fittings.

Winter is a busy time for plumbing pros because of freezing temperatures and the potential for burst pipes. Any given day, plumbers may service anything from fixing a small pinhole leak to replacing an entire section of burst pipe. Make emergency pipe repairs to cracked copper or CPVC pipes with SharkBite’s slip fittings and valves. Because push-to-connect fittings can be installed in wet lines, you can get in, make the repair quickly and get out, enabling you to move on to the next service call. Push-to-connect slip fittings and valves allow for the removal of up to 2 inches of pipe, so you don’t waste time or materials adding in additional pipe.

2. Set up a leak detection device to stop leaks in their tracks & monitor pipe temperatures.

Depending on where a burst pipe is located, the customer may not notice it until it has flooded their basement or crawl space. Help them catch leaks early and avoid devastating water damage by installing a smart leak detection device with a remote water shut-off valve. Not only will they receive an alert on their phone about potential leaks, but they can shut off their water in real time within the app. The device can also monitor pipe temperatures and notify you if there’s a chance your pipes will freeze.

Your customer can limit the damage to their home and personal belongings while waiting for you to come investigate the leak. To help them remember who to call in case of a potential leak, place a hang tag or sticker on the device with your company’s contact information.

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3. Install frost-free sillcocks to protect outdoor faucets from freezing.

While repairing an outdoor faucet, recommend the installation of a frost-free sillcock to help prevent pipes from freezing in the future. Our sillcocks include a freeze-resistant hose bibb and are designed with the water shut-off valve located at the inlet of the sillcock to inhibit freezing and regulate water flow.

Prep Customers’ Homes for the Winter with SharkBite

Not only can RWC solutions help you fix frozen, cracked pipes quickly. They can help prevent issues from reoccurring and causing damage to your customers’ homes.

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