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The People Behind SharkBite: Meet Jeff Lytle

Jeff RWC employee spotlight

At RWC, the parent company of SharkBite and Cash Acme, we’re as proud of our people as we are of our products. To introduce you to folks behind the scenes who make RWC a success, we’ve decided to chat with a few of our teammates about what they do.

Get to know Jeff Lytle. Originally a Cash Acme employee, he stayed with RWC after the acquisition in 2002 and has been with us for nearly 25 years. He works in our manufacturing facility in Cullman, Alabama, as a calibration technician.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at RWC’s Cullman site. 

I work in the quality lab as the calibration technician, which means that if we are using anything to measure our many products, such as tolerances set for by an engineer or prints, I am responsible for making sure that it is correct. We currently have over 1,500 diverse types of measuring devices that are used to check our many distinct parts that are assembled in Cullman. With our growth as a company, more are added monthly and yearly as we go into new products. Most of the measuring devices are calibrated by me in-house.

2. You’ve been with RWC for over 20 years. How have you seen the company evolve over the years? What's kept you here for over two decades? 

The main thing that has kept me here for almost 25 years is that I work with some really good people! Some have retired and others have moved on for other reasons, but we still attract really good people, and that makes it easy to stay when you are happy and the people around you are too. Plus, I have seen the company grow from one single building at the Cullman campus to the five we have now. And we’re still adding on!

3. What do you enjoy most about working at RWC? Describe a favorite work memory. 

I enjoy coming to work each day. I have worked in places where it was a struggle to get motivated to come to work, but not at RWC. A favorite memory would be the potluck dinners that we used to have, though Covid kind of stopped that. We have some awesome cooks here, and I miss those.

4. What about the manufacturing/plumbing industry are you most excited about in the near future? 

We are constantly adapting to an ever-changing world, and with some of the acquisitions lately, I feel really fortunate to be part of RWC. When RWC purchased Cash Acme 20 years ago, our product line catalog consisted of maybe 10 or so pages. Now our product line includes several hundred different items. Another thing that excites me about acquisitions is that they help open more jobs. That helps Cullman and the surrounding area grow, which also allows us to make a living and support our families.

5. What are some of the more challenging parts of the job? 

In my job particularly, some months are busier than others, and we only have a certain number of working days during the month to get everything done.

6. What stands out to you about RWC’s manufacturing process? 

Being in the quality lab, I know that all our relief valves are 100% tested before being shipped to the customers, and that is very important because our relief valves help keep families safe.

7. What does your work mean to you? 

It’s fulfilling and challenging at the same time, and I know for my part at least I am making a difference.

Lightning Round:

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning. Tea for supper.
  • What's your walkup song? I’m old school, so any classic rock. Pink Floyd is a favorite.
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would like to be able to fly like Superman!
  • Any hidden talents? Master of the grill and smoker!

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