RWC Product Trainers are committed to creating a blended learning environment that features interactive online, classroom and field instructions for the plumbing and water management industry. Our curriculum offers courses and higher education learning opportunities for plumbing industry professionals.


Expand Your Industry Knowledge

From apprentices to experienced contractors to sales reps--develop the skills needed to thrive in today’s plumbing industry.

RWC plumbing training student, virtual self-paced

Online Training

Learn as you go with accessible education that's virtual and self-paced.

RWC plumbing training student, on jobsite

On-site Training

Customizable on-site training that covers general plumbing theory and hands-on instruction.

RWC plumbing training students in classroom

Classroom Facilities

Training in modern, state-of-the-art facilities in the Toronto metro area.

Contractor Rewards

Contractor Rewards is SharkBite’s way of saying thanks for being a loyal customer! It’s a loyalty program that rewards contractors like yourself by allowing you to earn rewards points from your SharkBite purchases, as well as from purchases with other leading manufacturers.

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