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Get More Back with Contractor Rewards Program

Loyalty has its rewards

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All because of a sticker. The small yellow square attached to an A.O. Smith water heater caught the eye of Janine Meares, administrative manager at Meares Plumbing in Springhill, Fla., and made a big impression on that company’s relationship with its employees. 

Meares is referring to the Contractor Rewards sticker with its QR code and the intriguing promise that “rewards are waiting.” Meares went to the website to check it out and registered right away. “We’re big on giving back to employees,” Meares says, and this turned out to be a new and simple way to keep up that tradition.

How the Loyalty Program Works

Contractor Rewards is a loyalty program that allows professional plumbing and trade contractors to earn rewards points for purchasing products from Reliance Worldwide Corporation’s (RWC’s) brands, such as SharkBiteHoldRiteCash Acme and StreamLabs. And multiple building product manufacturers participate in Contractor Rewards, so contractors enjoy the convenience of being able to earn points from more than one manufacturer.

What to Look for

Once you purchase and receive your RWC product(s), simply go to or the Contractor Rewards app and submit your invoice. You can redeem points for electronics, travel, restaurant gift cards and more. There are over a million valuable rewards, and the points earned through Contractor Rewards never expire once claimed. This gives you more control over how and when you choose to use your points.

Our company was already spending a lot on materials every year. It’s nice to get something back to give to our employees.

Janine Meares

Just as Meares values its employees, the same is true for the value RWC places on its customers. “It’s important we find ways to show our appreciation for their loyalty to our brands,” says RWC U.S. CEO Sean McClenaghan. “With Contractor Rewards, we are not only able to give back valuable rewards to our loyal customers, but it also creates relationships with new customers.”

Beyond the Rewards

Meares says her company doesn’t purchase RWC products solely because of the rewards. “We want to install the best products for our customers,” she says. “Things that are durable and don’t cause warranty calls.”  More often than not, those products are connected with RWC and Contractor Rewards. “The Contractor Rewards is a nice bonus,” she says.  

The other benefit, Meares adds, is the great customer service she’s received from Contractor Rewards. “They’re often in contact with us, and we check in with them a lot.” And her employees? “Their favorite rewards are restaurant gift cards.” 

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