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4 Water Heater Solutions that Address Common Installation Issues

Install water heaters more efficiently with a full range of professional solutions from the RWC family of brands.

Plumber installing water heater with Tank Booster

If you’re hired to do a water heater installation, you’re expected to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with no callbacks from customers. You also have to be able to easily maneuver in tight workspaces, ensure the safety and durability of the products you’re installing and make sure the equipment is secured when the job is complete.

RWC offers a full range of water heater solutions designed to help you work more productively. The entire product line is lab tested, field proven and code approved. Best of all, RWC products work together as a complete system, so you can get the water heater installation materials you need -- all in one place. Let’s take a look at a few examples of RWC’s water heater solutions that can help you finish the job quickly, with professional quality that leaves your customers happy.


One issue that many installers face is having to work in tight or difficult-to-access areas. With SharkBite water heater solutions, you can complete your installation smoothly, regardless of the size your work space. One example is the SharkBite flexible water heater connector, which allows you to connect a water heater with existing pipes that don’t line up, without having to make new joints. You can connect various types of pipe, including copper, PEX, CPVC and PE-RT. You can even rotate flexible connectors after installation, which makes working in small spaces even easier. Since SharkBite fittings require no special tools, soldering or glue, you can stay focused on what matters: a clean and leak free connection.

Temperature Control

Another common issue may arise after your water heater installation is complete: too little hot water. RWC’s solution for this is the Tank Booster thermostatic mixing valve (TMV). Tank Booster increases usable hot water on existing water heaters, can be quickly added to the water heater, and is ideal for when more hot water is needed but space isn’t available for a larger NAECA compliant water heater.

Secure Support

When you’re ready to secure your installed water heater, RWC’s HoldRite product line offers a complete water heater support system, from stands and platforms, to expansion tank supports, restraints and drain pans, designed to help protect p against water damage. Securing a water heater is especially important if you’re installing in an area of the country where seismic activity is common, like in parts of California, for example. Often in these regions, local building codes require stabilizing equipment for installed water heaters. This helps to reduce the chance of the water heater tipping over, which could lead to water or fire damage during an earthquake.

Leak Protection

If you’ve ever gotten a call about a leak, chances are you’ve thought about how it could have been prevented it or at least, identified sooner before it became a major problem for the customer. Luckily, RWC has a solution that can help keep this from happening. RWC’s StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor is a smart Wi-Fi water monitor designed to help your customers keep track of water usage, detects any leaks and notifies them through their Stream phone app. StreamLabs easily installs to a main water line in minutes, without cutting, and integrates with Alexa™ or Nest® smart home systems.

To learn more about RWC water heater solutions, download the RWC Water Heater Solutions brochure.

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