SharkBite: Proven over nearly 20 years and 250 million fittings installed worldwide.

Finish jobs faster

Install a complete potable water system without needing any special tools, crimping, solder or glue.

Less risk of install errors

Easier installation, which reduces the risk of installation errors and potential leaks.


Brass push fittings work on multiple pipe materials types in wet or dry conditions. Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC and PE-RT pipe.  Solutions available for PVC and Polybutylene pipe.

One Family of Brands, One Complete Solution

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Our innovations are designed to improve jobsite performance and efficiency with a full range of plumbing solutions for installing an entire potable water plumbing system from meter to fixture, floor to ceiling using a single source manufacture.

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We offer an extensive range of reliable solutions for providing precise control of water safety, efficiency and performance, including pressure, thermostatic and temperature control valves designed to safeguard water systems in all types of facilities.

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Our smart water technology enables the tracking of water consumption and provides real-time alerts on possible leaks, as well as giving visibility to water usage and habits, helping identify ways to conserve.

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We provide intelligent piping and connectivity solutions move liquid and air for specialist industries across the world. Our technologies serve industries such as plumbing, drink dispense, pneumatics, compressed air, water purification and telecommunications.


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