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Cutting pex tubing

1. Cut your length of pipe.

• Make a square cut, perpendicular to length of tubing
• Cut SharkBite PEX Pipe using a quality PEX cutter with a sharp blade.

EvoPEX Installation Instructions, Step 2 | SharkBite

2. Prepare fitting & tubing.

• Ensure that both EvoPEX fitting & SharkBite PEX tubing are free of debris and damage in preparation for making a connection.

pressing sharkbite pex pipe into push-to-connect fitting

3. Make the connection.

• Push the pipe into the fitting firmly.
• A twisting action reduces insertion force.
• Take care to avoid inserting pipe at an angle.

push-to-connect fitting secure connection indicator

4. Look for green indicator.

• Verify that the pipe is pushed into the fitting fully and engaged properly.
• Check that the green indicator ring is fully visible.