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Push-to-Connect Plumbing Systems: The Difference Between SharkBite Brass Push, ProLock Push and EvoPEX Push Fittings

All of SharkBite’s Push-To-Connect Systems are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. Discover the key differences and identify which is right for your project.

Thermal Expansion Relief Valves Replace Expansion Tanks

SharkBite’s new Thermal Expansion Relief Valve provides a longer lasting alternative for your customers. It replaces the bulky expansion tank, shut-off valve and fitting right at the water heater for an easier-to-install solution.

SharkBite EvoPEX & PEX Used for Cancún Hotel

Engineer Enrique Armendariz Olan uses SharkBite System for large-scale plumbing project in 850-unit Mexican hotel.

Obsolete & Discontinued SharkBite SKUs

Having trouble finding a particular SKU? Search to see if the product has been discontinued or replaced.

RWC Partners with DigDeep and IWSH to Bring Running Water to Navajo Nation

RWC donated SharkBite PEX, EvoPEX and HoldRite brackets to assist in providing plumbing to Navajo Mountain homes that never had running water.

Made in the USA: SharkBite Receives PEX 5306 Rating

SharkBite has experienced a number of innovations since its introduction to the USA in 2004. Learn more about recent developments, including the PEX 5306 rating.

Make Emergency Repairs on Wet Lines with SharkBite Slip Fittings

SharkBite slip fittings require no tools, soldering, or adhesives. Here is an overview of how to make an emergency repair on a water line.

Plumbing Pros Do More with SharkBite PEX & Fittings

Pros in the field say the speed, efficiency and versatility of SharkBite helped them stay on schedule. Here’s a closer look at two successful renovation projects.

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity with RWC BIM

RWC has created an extensive BIM library to help construction professionals collaborate throughout the design and construction of a building.

Switch from Copper to PEX Fast with SharkBite Fittings

With many homeowners transitioning from copper to PEX pipe, SharkBite brass push-to-connect couplings can make the switch much more efficient.

RWC Partners with Habitat For Humanity to Build New Homes for Veterans

RWC employees from Cullman, LaVergne and Atlanta, GA worked with Habitat for Humanity to help give veterans a fresh start in a new home. RWC also donated cash and plumbing materials for the project.

SharkBite PE-RT & ProLock System Supports Sustainable Building Practices

Learn about how SharkBite PE-RT is an ideal eco-friendly option for plumbing commercial and residential potable water systems.

RWC Product Experts Shed Light on Benefits of Cash Acme Valves

RWC experts explain what sets our valves apart from other similar products in the industry, from material quality, to manufacturing practices, applications and more.

RWC Launches Product Training Program With The Home Depot

Home Depot Merchants had the opportunity to learn about many aspects of plumbing, from running and cutting pipe, to installing appliances and more. See what else they accomplished during their product training at RWC.

RWC Contributes to a Cleaner World

Learn about how RWC Americas manufacturing and distribution facilities take part in environmentally responsible practices, contributing to larger global initiatives across the organization.

4 Tips for Installing SharkBite EvoPEX

SharkBite EvoPEX is a revolutionary push-to-connect fitting system, designed for use with PEX tubing. Follow these steps for an easy and successful installation.

Myth vs. Fact: A Closer Look at SharkBite Behind the Wall & Underground

In this blog, we address some of the common concerns about SharkBite installations behind the wall and underground, while highlighting success stories from contractors.

Streamline New Construction with the RWC Family of Brands

Learn how RWC solutions can increase your productivity, labor savings and more when utilized in new construction applications.

4 Benefits of Plumbing with SharkBite PEX

Learn how SharkBite PEX pipe can increase your productivity, and help reduce installation errors so you can move on to your next job quickly.

SharkBite EvoPEX Gets Green Light from City of Buffalo, NY

Hear from Rich Houle, RWC Director of Codes & Standards, about how the approval of SharkBite EvoPEX fittings in the City of Buffalo, NY can help local installers save time and expense.

StreamLabs® Control Stops Leaks in Their Tracks

Protect your home from expensive water damage and enjoy complete control from anywhere with the free StreamLabs® app.

3 Tips on How to Finish Your Repipe Faster with SharkBite PEX & EvoPEX

Learn how SharkBite PEX & EvoPEX can increase your efficiency and decrease your costs, when working on a repipe.

SharkBite - Made in Alabama

eliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) – a leading manufacturer of specialist water valves and quick connect plumbing fittings, the State of Alabama and the Cullman community reached an agreement for RWC to invest in an important new facility to substantially expand the manufacture of its SharkBite® plumbing connection products in Cullman, Alabama.

The Home Depot Partner of the Year

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) – manufacturers of SharkBite® plumbing connection products and Cash Acme® valves - was named The Home Depot® “Partner of The Year” for 2014.

Solar Decathlon 2015

SharkBite® Plumbing Solutions is proud to sponsor Clemson University students in building an energy-efficient house to compete in the 2015 Solar Decathlon–a bi-annual design/build competition put on by the U.S. Department of Energy.

RWC Expands U.S. Manufacturing Footprint

Exciting growth by way of a large U.S. expansion is the focus this year for Reliance Worldwide Corporation – the parent company of both SharkBite and Cash Acme® water control valves.

SharkBite Announces New Contractor Rewards Program

Reliance Worldwide Corporation, parent company of the SharkBite brand, announced that it is joining Contractor Rewards, a loyalty program that allows professional plumbing and trade contractors to earn rewards points for purchasing SharkBite products.

SharkBite Announces EvoPEX -- Revolutionary Push-To-Connect System for New Construction

SharkBite Plumbing Solutions, premier manufacturer of plumbing and water control systems, has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new push-to-connect plumbing system for new construction called EvoPEX.

HOLDRITE® Joins Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Reliance Worldwide Corporation announced that it has completed its acquisition of HOLDRITE®, a market leader in converting makeshift methods into engineered solutions for the plumbing and mechanical contractor markets in both residential and commercial construction.

NAECA 2015 Water Heater Standards

A 2015 update to the U.S. minimum energy conservation standards officially went into effect on April 16, 2015. These standards will impact the size of water heaters as well as space restrictions.

Reliance Worldwide Corporation Adds 100 New Products to SharkBite & Cash Acme Offering

Reliance Worldwide Corporation, a premier manufacturer of plumbing and water control systems marketed and sold under the SharkBite® Plumbing Solutions, Cash Acme® and HOLDRITE® brands, has added 100 new products to the SharkBite and Cash Acme lines across 23 product categories.

SharkBite Recognized by Building Industry for Product Innovation

Reliance Worldwide Corporation has announced that the SharkBite EvoPEX plumbing system has been honored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Leading Suppliers Council with a 2017 Spark Award.

SharkBite Featured at the 2018 International Builder's Show

Reliance Worldwide Corporation announced that its evolutionary SharkBite EvoPEX plumbing system and SharkBite Universal brass push-to-connect plumbing system will be featured in the 2018 New American Home as well as the 2018 New American Remodel Home.

Reliance Worldwide Corporation reveals a new look at AHR Expo 2019

At the AHR Expo 2019, Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) will reveal a revamped visual identity that unites its family of brands under the RWC umbrella as one complete solution.

Single Family Repipe (Suwanee, GA)

SharkBite EvoPEX saves Cannon Plumbing of Suwanee, GA, 30% time on a total home repipe.

Single Family New Construction (Hartwell, GA)

SharkBite EvoPEX helps Jimie Yearwood install a PEX system in hours in a new two-story home on Georgia’s bucolic Lake Hartwell.

SharkBite & HOLDRITE Multi-Family New Construction (Carson, CA)

California contractors at Dave Williams Plumbing & Electrical complete a 68-unit, five story build in half the time using SharkBite & HOLDRITE as a system.

Multi-Family New Construction (Germantown, WI)

Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating saves time, money and labor on a multi-family new construction job with SharkBite EvoPEX.

Multi-Family Repipe (Ft. Collins, CO)

Inter-Mountain Mechanical Contractor repipes 285 apartment units ahead of schedule with SharkBite EvoPEX.

SharkBite EvoPEX Commercial New Construction Installation (Meridian, ID)

Buss Mechanical shares their experience with the SharkBite® EvoPEX® system for a commercial new construction job.

SharkBite Universal Residential Renovation (Augusta, GA)

Tim Redd, of Universal Plumbing, uses SharkBite Universal system for a 1950's home renovation.

New Faucet Installation

Run Water to a New Faucet with SharkBite Push-To-Connect Fixture Supply Fittings

Cracked Pipe Repair

Make pipe leak repairs with Sharkbite push-to-connect couplings, stop valves and tubing.

Keep Water Hot Longer with a Tank Booster

An average water heater can last about eight to 12 years, so most people don’t even check on their water heater as long as it’s delivering hot water on demand.

Winterize Now: 6 Ways to Prevent & Repair Frozen Pipe

RWC offers a number of solutions to help you beat the freeze. In this article, learn about how to prevent and repair frozen pipe.

4 Water Heater Solutions that Address Common Installation Issues

Learn more about the safety, versatility and efficiency of RWC solutions, including the tank booster, support equipment, water monitor system and water heater connectors.

Ice Maker & Appliance Installation

Remodel efficiently with SharkBite push-to-connect appliance supplies.

Fix Frozen Pipes with SharkBite

Learn how to quickly repair frozen or damaged pipes using brass push-to-connect fittings.

Faucet / Shower Leak Repair

Fix leaks with Sharkbite's push-to-connect faucet and shower solutions.

The Labor Dilemma

Overcoming a labor dilemma for plumbing and the skilled trades. If you’re a builder, contractor or plumber, you’re undoubtedly concerned with the future of the economy and housing market.

Rough-In Plumbing

When you start by putting a dependable system in place, you’re positioned to check your work immediately and mitigate installation errors without expensive alterations.

Make Secure & Permanent Connections with SharkBite PEX & EvoPEX

Hear from the pros, about how SharkBite EvoPEX helped them complete their plumbing installations more efficiently, with no special tools needed.

Codes & Standards: RWC Advocates Safer Plumbing Practices

Learn about how RWC’s role in the development and advancement of plumbing codes and standards.

Satisfaction is good. Free stuff is better.

A job well done is its own reward, so they say. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a little extra for your professional efforts and hard-earned cash?

How To Make a Clean Sweep of Remodels

You’ve seen how complex and challenging it can be at times to replace the plumbing in an existing home, from understanding and fulfilling your customer’s expectations to finishing up the job on time and on budget.

Managing the Labor Shortage

It’s frustrating. You’ve got work to do, but not enough qualified help to do it. There’s nothing easy about finding, hiring and retaining a good plumbing crew.