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RWC Product Experts Shed Light on Benefits of Cash Acme Valves


RWC has manufactured superior quality valves for more than 100 years, and this legacy of dependability has helped us build relationships and maintain trust among our customers. In this article, RWC product experts answer common questions from the industry and discuss the advantages of Cash Acme valves when used as a system with SharkBite fittings.

What are the key advantages of Cash Acme Valves?

Cash Acme is the only valve manufacturer that has SharkBite push-to-connect fittings as a connection option, making the installation process that much simpler. The greatest advantage of using our system is the speed and ease of installation. Cash Acme is also ISO 9001 certified, and every valve that leaves our facility is thoroughly tested for quality and durability. Additionally, all of our Thermostatic Mixing Valves are ASSE and CSA listed and constructed with a cold water failure feature. This mechanism helps to prevent scalding by shutting down if there is no cold water in the system. Learn more about key advantages of Cash Acme valves.

Tell us about recent innovations and developments that Cash Acme has introduced to the industry.

One innovation is our patented Cash Acme EB-25 Multi-Cartridge water pressure reducing valve, which launched in 2010. It allows you to install just one pressure regulating valve (PRV) that can handle high and low demands. Installing a multi-cartridge is ideal in situations where you would normally run a parallel system or utilize an automatic control valve (ACV).

The EB-25 also has a smaller footprint versus installing multiple valves. The valve is composed of three individual cartridges that react to downstream pressure. The cartridges are easily adjustable via a twist cap that also shows the outlet pressure. No loose parts or components are involved when you’re installing EB-25, and the only maintenance required is cartridge replacement.

What should end users consider when purchasing our valves and fittings?

Even though our products can be more expensive up front, the time and labor savings are worthwhile in the long run. When you use a Cash Acme valve with SharkBite push-to-connect fittings, there’s no sweating, soldering or gluing involved, which means the end user can move on to other projects faster.

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