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RWC Partners with DigDeep and IWSH to Bring Running Water to Navajo Nation


Corporate social responsibility encourages companies to donate time, resources and services to communities in need, and as a water solutions organization, RWC seeks opportunities to support these causes.

In June, RWC participated in the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation’s (IWSH) Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) to bring clean water and hygienic wastewater disposal to a series of homes on the Navajo Nation reservation in Navajo Mountain, Utah. Volunteers and tradespeople from the US and Australia collaborated with the award-winning DigDeep Navajo Water Project to install plumbing in residents’ homes that never had running water.

One home belonged to 84-year-old Lillie Manygoats, who had her kitchen and bathroom connected to a water supply for the first time. Another home that received new plumbing installation belonged to Betty Bennally, 83. During this project, her bathroom was designed and installed. Now Bennally and her daughter Lillie (also her caregiver) can maneuver more easily in the space and the all-new plumbing has eliminated the need for them to transport water in and out of the house. The family also says they can water their livestock more easily with convenient access to running water.

To help make this project possible, RWC donated SharkBite PEX, EvoPEX™ and HoldRite brackets, which were used in plumbing installations for bathrooms, kitchens, hot water systems and more. Bob Carpenter, National Outreach and Education Manager at RWC, organized the generous donation of SharkBite products for these projects in 2018 and 2019. Carpenter said that being involved in the CPC was a testament to the ability of individuals, and organizations, to make people’s lives easier. “It’s amazing what people get by without,” he told us in reference to the many families who had survived for decades without running water. “When you’re in the company of people who can make a difference…that is exactly what we all should be doing.” Other organizations who participated in the project include LIXIL, Ferguson, Milwaukee Tool, WinSupply and the Piping Industry Progress & Education (P.I.P.E.) Trust Fund/NITC.

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DigDeep is a human rights non-profit organization that was among the 2018 recipients of the US Water Prize. Their goal is to help ensure that every American has clean, running water forever.

IWSH harnesses the skills and expertise of water industry professionals, organizations and manufacturers to support critical water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives worldwide. Follow IWSH on Facebook to view photos and hear from the people who make this project possible!