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Push-to-Connect Plumbing Systems: The Difference Between SharkBite Brass Push, ProLock Push and EvoPEX Push Fittings


Each SharkBite push-to-connect fitting works with specific pipe types for a secure and quick connection. To help you pick the best one for the job, we’re breaking down each of their unique characteristics and compatibilities.

Brass Push-to-Connect

Versatile and ideal for repairs and remodeling, brass push-to-connect fittings range from basic elbows and couplings to check valves. These fittings are compatible with over five types of pipe including PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and SDR-9 HDPE. You can also use transition fittings to go from PVC or polybutylene to other types of pipe.

The lead-free DZR brass construction ensures durability and reliability. Brass push-to-connect couplings, adapters and elbows allow you to make connections and transitions easily, especially in tight spaces — no crimping, glue or soldering needed — while other products in the line can solve specific needs entirely.

Common Brass Push-to-Connect Applications

Explore SharkBite’s Brass Push-to-Connect System.

ProLock™ Push-to-Connect

The ProLock system features a push-to-connect design with twist-to-lock functionality, making remodeling and repiping efficient and secure. Simply cut, push, twist and lock to make a connection in 3 seconds. No complicated tools to make a connection. All you need is a pipe cutter.

ProLock fittings are made of a state-of-the-art polymer material coupled with a stainless-steel tooth grip to ensure a leak-proof seal. Each fitting is compatible with two kinds of polyethylene pipes: PEX and PE-RT. The twist-to-lock design includes a rotating cover that clicks when the arrows align so you know the connection is secure. Plus, if you need to make adjustments after connecting the fitting, you can rotate or even remove it to achieve the right alignment.

Common ProLock Applications

Explore the ProLock Push-to-Connect System.

EvoPEX™ Push

Plumbing professionals have leaned on PEX tubing for decades thanks to its flexibility and reliability. EvoPEX swaps the crimp / clamp plumbing systems typically used with PEX for a faster and easier installation.

The EvoPEX system — which includes a universal line of products like supply stops, stubouts, reducing tees and more — is specifically designed for PEX pipe installation in new construction or repipe applications. Use EvoPEX when installing a complete plumbing system quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need to connect two different pipe sizes or transition from PEX to a threaded pipe, you don’t need special tools for installation. You can even rotate EvoPEX fittings after connecting for fast alignment.

Always know if the connection is secure by looking for the green visual indicator on each EvoPEX fitting. This confirms your PEX tubing is inserted to the right depth and permanently engaged.

Common EvoPEX Applications

  • Install a truly complete meter to fixture plumbing system with EvoPEX accessories like outlet boxes, valves, adapters & PEX pipe. All compatible. All from the same manufacturer.
  • Install shower arms and tub spouts with EvoPEX Drop-Ear Elbow.
  • Exceed hydraulic standards and code with the EvoPEX system in large-scale plumbing projects like hotels, office buildings & OEM.

Explore the whole range of EvoPEX Push-to-Connect products.

Get Started

Regardless of which SharkBite push system you choose, all of them take seconds to install, which means you’re able to increase efficiency and tackle jobs more quickly. The three push-to-connect solutions not only save you time, but they’re also practical too. No need to squeeze into tight places to solder or open up large sections of walls and ceilings to complete the job.

There’s so much more you can do when you’re not spending extra time making sure connections for your plumbing job are secure. Find a store to get started.

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