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Make Secure & Permanent Connections with SharkBite PEX & EvoPEX


Like you, plumbers everywhere are constantly seeking ways to provide better quality service, regardless of the project. And, with the ever-increasing demand on plumbers due to the labor shortage, the plumbing industry has developed a number of innovations that can help you work more efficiently. One of those innovations is SharkBite EvoPEX™.

The SharkBite EvoPEX system is the next evolutionary step in providing a state-of-the-art potable water system for safe and effective water delivery. SharkBite EvoPEX push-to-connect technology is designed specifically for use with PEX pipe, and improves overall productivity by helping you complete your installations faster. Also, with SharkBite EvoPEX, you can plumb an entire potable water system without needing any special tools, crimping, glue or solder. As a result, your installations are cleaner, you’ll have less risk of potential leaks due to installation errors , and reduced time on the job means you can keep to schedule more easily.

Installing SharkBite EvoPEX is simple. Just cut your PEX Pipe, ensure that the ends are cut square and the surface is smooth. The EvoPEX fitting and pipe should be clean and free of dirt and debris before you attempt to make a connection. Push the pipe firmly into the fitting and avoid inserting the pipe at an angle. Finally, check for the green visual indicator to ensure that you’ve installed properly. Once the connection is made, you can immediately pressure test the system. The SharkBite EvoPEX system is also resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup, which facilitates greater water pressure and improved hot water delivery.

For further security, the SharkBite EvoPEX system is backed by a 25-year system warranty with consequential damage coverage* to provide years of customer satisfaction. SharkBite EvoPEX is proudly made in the USA. We own our manufacturing process from start to finish, so every EvoPEX fitting and piece of PEX pipe is guaranteed from concept to delivery.

What are the Pros Saying

Chris Buss – Buss Mechanical Services

When Chris Buss, co-owner of Buss Mechanical Services, Inc. had to install plumbing in a four-story Hilton Hotel in Meridian, Idaho, he needed to complete the project quickly so that the hotel could function as soon as possible. “We’re using the EvoPEX system to try to assist with quickening the pace of the job and reducing the possibilities of leaks,” Buss said.

He also mentioned that with EvoPEX, there’s no need to calibrate tools. “Once you have [the fitting] in there, you see the green indicator, you walk away…you’re not going to have problems,” he said. “We’ve installed close to 600 fittings, if not more, and we’ve never had a single problem… not a leak, not a failed fitting, nothing.”

Buss said that another benefit of using the SharkBite system was that it required less tools and labor than traditional systems such as crimp. “Compared to a crimp where you’re going to have to get the tools and it is a two-handed system, this is [a] one-hand [system] and you never have to stop,” he said. “We can use one to two less people installing EvoPEX than you would a normal crimp or solder system.

Clint McCannon – Cannon Plumbing

In Suwanee, GA, Clint McCannon, owner of Cannon Plumbing, had to repipe a home’s entire plumbing system. The original plumbing was polybutylene pipe, which is known to leak, burst and cause water damage. The team had to consider a number of options when tackling this project, such as which pipe material and installation method to use for the job..

McCannon and team evaluated the scope of the project and decided to use SharkBite PEX pipe and SharkBite EvoPEX. “We typically use PEX for complete repipes because it’s flexible and good for getting into places where rigid pipe isn’t easy to use,” McCannon said.

He added that, since SharkBite fittings require no glue or soldering, water can be turned back on, and lines tested, immediately after plumbing is installed. This means that the customer’s water supply would be available much sooner than if the team had used traditional plumbing methods. “Some plumbers are hesitant to use push-to-connect fittings because it’s so easy,” McCannon said. “They don’t understand that push fittings improve jobsite performance, which is key. And you don’t need to bring a whole specialized toolbox with you to the jobsite.”

Although McCannon had been a proponent of SharkBite products since he entered the plumbing trade in 2005, this project was his first time using EvoPEX. He said that he felt comfortable using EvoPEX on this job, because he trusts SharkBite products.

“SharkBite products have become integral to my plumbing projects, especially as a transition and repair fitting,” McCannon said. “They’re very quick and easy-to-use, and there’s no need to wait for glue to dry or for water to stop dripping. I can put SharkBite fittings behind drywall, tile or beneath the floor and not have to worry about it. I can sleep at night and I know my customers can, too.”

Full warranty details can be found here.