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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity with SharkBite BIM


In partnership with the experts at Thomas Enterprise, RWC has created an extensive library of building information modeling (BIM) resources to help you and your crew work more efficiently. BIM is a building planning process that provides a real time, 3D visual modeling space to assist architects, engineers and construction professionals with the planning and execution of building construction. Here are five tips on how RWC’s BIM Library can increase your productivity.

Work Better Together

Use BIM to foster effective conversations between your designers and contractors. Since BIM provides a space for builders and designers to interact, it’s easier to share ideas and quickly implement feedback. For instance, if an architect wants to make a change that will impact the course of the project, BIM gives them the ability to communicate these updates with the construction team immediately.

Plan & Prepare

If you’re in the middle of a major construction project, the last thing you want to do is spend additional time, resources and money to get the job done. Incorporate BIM into your planning from the start, and cut down on the potential expense of repaying for materials and labor. With BIM, you can create and manage your project, adjust where needed, and see how it will all come together, long before building begins.

Look Before You Leap

“Catching your mistakes before they happen,” also called, “clash detection” is one of the main benefits of working with BIM, RWC Product Manager, Daniel Pierce told us. Gathering and sharing all required data is crucial to helping ensure a safer and more successful building project. For instance, before you begin construction, BIM can help drive the conversation between builder, client and planner; collaborators can see the results instantly, visualize how processes will play out, change the plan, and avoid costly errors as early in the process as possible.

Stick to Schedule

Scheduling delays are a surefire way to incur additional cost (and frustration) on a project. This is a universal issue that contractors experience everywhere, but fortunately, utilizing BIM can help prevent many postponement problems. With BIM, you can complete your design and documentation simultaneously and more accurately plan your building schedule. This added communication can help you complete your project more quickly and efficiently.

Get More Jobs Done

BIM can not only increase productivity for onsite planning and execution, but it can also provide clarity and direction for contractors who are working offsite. For example, if contractors are working in prefabrication spaces, design drawings based on BIM data can provide them with accurate instructions, leading to faster production of a higher quality product.

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