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4 Questions To Ask When Installing SharkBite EvoPEX


The RWC Customer Service team fields about 200 calls a day, 5% of those calls are questions about SharkBite EvoPEX™ installation. Before you install SharkBite EvoPEX, RWC customer service recommends visiting our website to understand the difference in fitting systems between SharkBite and EvoPEX. Ask yourself these questions before installing EvoPEX:

1. Can I install SharkBite EvoPEX on any type of pipe?

SharkBite EvoPEX is made for use with PEX only. We receive calls where people think they can install it on copper, CPVC, etc. and that is incorrect. If you’re looking for a SharkBite fitting that works on PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and SDR-9 HDPE, use SharkBite universal fittings. If you are using PEX tubing, EvoPEX is the right choice for a quick, secure and long lasting installation.

2. Did I cut the PEX straight and is the fitting clean of dirt and debris?

When cutting PEX, it is essential to use proper tools. There are many PEX cutters sold today and any brand or style can cut PEX tubing correctly. If you are unsure if you have cut your tubing at an angle, recut the to ensure that it is clean and straight. Additionally, make sure that the PEX tubing and EvoPEX fittings are clean and free of dirt and debris prior to making the connection.

3. Did I push the PEX completely into the fitting?

EvoPEX has a built-in green indicator ring to ensure that you have made a secure connection. Push the fitting firmly onto the tubing until you can see the green ring in all four windows of the fitting. If you cannot see the ring, the connection is not complete. Continue to push together, until you can see the green ring. A visible green ring means you have made a permanent and secure connection.

4. Can I install SharkBite EvoPEX underground?

SharkBite EvoPEX fittings are certified for underground application without wrapping and have a 10-year warranty when buried. If you are using a brass EvoPEX fitting for burial, they must be wrapped per installation instructions.

For more information on proper installation, check out How to Install SharkBite EvoPEX.