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Service & Repair

SharkBite couplings and fittings for efficient plumbing leak repairs.

Fast, Efficient Plumbing Repairs Drive Customer Satisfaction

Streamline pipe repairs without sacrificing quality of work and gain more happy customers while finishing more jobs. With SharkBite’s trusted push-to-connect couplings, you can fix plumbing leaks fast for secure pipe repairs – even in wet lines under full flow. Compatible across multiple pipe types and ideal for transition repairs, SharkBite connectors don’t require additional gear, glue or soldering for installation. We make it easy to fix plumbing leaks with precision in tight spaces so you can worry less about bulky tools or crimp rings and clamps shifting while you’re working. Explore our plumbing service and repair products below to find what you need for your next job.

Pipe Repair Downloads

SharkBite fittings are highly utilized in plumbing service & repair applications to permanently fix leaks and transition pipe types. Each fitting can be installed fast without sacrificing craftsmanship and is backed by our SharkBite warranty. We’re dedicated to supporting professional installers to maximize efficiency and reduce callbacks. Explore our library of resources on plumbing leaks and repairs to learn how our fittings can streamline your operation.

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