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Using SharkBite for Commercial New Construction

sharkbite commercial plumbing installation

While most pros know us for our brass push-to-connect fittings, you can also use SharkBite in commercial new construction settings.

The SharkBite EvoPEX plumbing system is designed for this kind of application, featuring similar yet distinct push-to-connect technology as its brass push counterpart. What’s more, this SharkBite commercial plumbing solution is best used with other solutions from the RWC family of brands to ensure consistent quality across multiple plumbing categories. That way every corner of your job site has the best of the best.

We’re breaking down the reasons EvoPEX is the ideal SharkBite solution for commercial new construction and what other SharkBite and RWC products work well with the system for a professional, reliable commercial plumbing installation.

What is SharkBite EvoPEX?

EvoPEX is a PEX-only push-to-connect plumbing system that's up to 30% faster to install than traditional installation methods because it doesn’t require special tools, soldering, glue or crimping.

The Push-to-Connect Fittings

EvoPEX fittings are different from brass push fittings in their design and permanency. They only work with PEX pipe and display a green visual indicator when you've made a secure connection. And while you can remove a brass push-to-connect fitting with disconnect clips or tongs, EvoPEX fittings can’t be removed from PEX once pipe is fully inserted into the fitting.

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The PEX pipe

SharkBite cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe has been around for more than 35 years with over 850 million feet in North America. This flexible, freeze-resistant pipe is tested to the highest level of chlorine resistance standards and is certified to meet ASTM F876 requirements for continuous hot water recirculation. It also has the highest UV resistance at 6 months to meet the 5306 ASTM standards.

sharkbite commercial plumbing installation

Why Use SharkBite EvoPEX for Commercial Projects

In today’s construction environment, a range of factors dictate the success of a job. Here are a few ways the EvoPEX system helps address those factors to keep jobs on time and within budget while maintaining the quality clients expect in their commercial plumbing installation.

It saves money. More budget-friendly and versatile than rigid piping, PEX is flexible, allowing it to bend around corners. This reduces the number of fittings needed. Pair PEX with push-to-connect fittings, and you gain even more savings by decreasing installation times.

It’s reliable. EvoPEX fittings’ green indicator provides visual peace of mind and reduces installation errors, while PEX’s flexibility allows it to expand and contract in freezing conditions, making it less susceptible to bursting. SharkBite push-to-connect technology doesn’t add any external stress to the fitting connection, either, or alter the shape/integrity of the pipe like other tool-based PEX fittings, which provides assurance of long-term quality performance.

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It’s safe. By eliminating the need for soldering, glues or solvents, EvoPEX helps keep potentially dangerous chemicals out of the potable water supply and removes the potential risk of fire from using torches on the job site.

It can be specified. If you’re an engineer and want to make this time-saving solution the standard for your job site, you can add it to your spec. And contractors can benefit from a high-performing plumbing system from a manufacturer they may already trust and use.

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RWC Commercial Plumbing Solutions to Use with EvoPEX

The RWC family of brands is right at home on a commercial job site, trusted by plumbing and mechanical contractors across North America. If you love SharkBite for other jobs, you’ll love these products for your next project.

First, let’s look at other SharkBite products you can use on a commercial build.

  • Outlet boxes. These come with SharkBite push-to-connect fittings allow for quick and easy installation of appliances like ice makers and washing machines — no additional support or framing needed. You can get them with or without a water hammer arrestor.
  • Large diameter SharkBite fittings. These fittings come in 1-1/4 - 2 in. sizes, allowing you to connect copper, CVPC, PEX, HDPE and PE-RT pipe without needing special tools.

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Here are some RWC products that can support a range of pipe installations and integrate well with other SharkBite solutions.

  • HoldRite HydroFlame cast-in-place firestop sleeves. Firestop piping 6 times faster than traditional firestopping methods with sleeves that provide all the protection you need right out of the box. With built-in firestop materials, these adjustable firestop sleeves provide a water seal for unwanted water intrusion while protecting against the spread of fire, smoke and gases.
  • Cash Acme valves. These are designed for a variety of purposes, from regulating water flow to relieving excessive pressure and temperature. In new construction applications for larger commercial venues like stadiums or office buildings, the HG135 point-of-use mixing valve protects against scalding. A leader in valves for over 100 years, Cash Acme also offers an extensive line of pressure regulating valves including robust high-capacity commercial options.The EB25 Plus, for example, delivers the same performance and pressure-reducing ability as costly multi-valve installations and automatic control valves with a single cartridge.
  • HoldRite DWV solutions. Restraints, supports and testing systems — HoldRite offers them all at a safer, more reliable standard than the basic options out there. For example, the #117 Series, the only third-party lab tested DWV restraint system on the market, is specifically engineered to restrain no-hub cast iron soil pipes against separation during high thrust conditions. And when it comes to DWV testing, TestRite helps you complete the job up to 5 times faster than plumbing test balls or inflatable test balloons, while preventing water spillage and property damage.
sharkbite commercial plumbing installation
  • HoldRite pipe supports. Ideal for sink, lavatory and toilet plumbing solutions, these versatile brackets work with multiple pipe types in multiple applications, providing a professional and efficient install to replace time-consuming makeshift methods.
  • HoldRite water heater accessories. Install water heaters safely and efficiently with durable restraints, platforms, stands and more. They’re not only code-approved, but they’re also third-party tested for additional peace of mind.
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