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In stock now at your Oklahoma City Home Depot!

Optimize performance and efficiency with PEX-A tubing that’s chlorine, corrosion and freeze-resistant.

PEX plumbing pipes are one of the most cost-effective piping solutions, replacing more expensive rigid pipes in new construction and commonly sourced for remodels and repipe jobs. SharkBite PEX pipe meets the highest chlorine resistance and UV standards and is approved for residential and commercial plumbing, radiant heat, hydronic heating and reclaimed water projects.

Choose PEX-A tubing for residential and commercial plumbing applications. It's recommended to use PEX-A tubing with expansion fittings due to its flexibility and elastic memory.

  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Chlorine & UV resistant
  • Highest rated chlorine resistance
  • Freeze resistant
  • 25 year warranty
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Available Now at Home Depot!

Available Now at Your Oklahoma City Home Depot.