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Save Time

No specialty tools, solder, unions or glue required. Just cut, push, done.

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Use with Many Pipe Types

Transition quickly from copper, CPVC, PVC, polybutylene, HDPE, PE-RT and PEX pipe.

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Repair in Wet Lines

Easily repair frozen pipes in wet lines under full flow.

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Minimize Pipe Waste

Repair up to 2 inches of damaged frozen pipe using a single slip fitting.

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Slip Fittings & Valves

Repair frozen copper or CPVC pipes quickly with SharkBite’s range of slip fittings and valves. Remove up to 2 inches of damaged pipe and repair using a single fitting, even in wet lines. No extra pipe needed. Easily add a drain valve to prevent future freezing.

Transition Fittings

SharkBite’s brass push transition fittings provide a quick fix for burst pipes, even when working in tight spaces. These fittings can be installed in wet lines and can transition between multiple pipe types, including PEX, copper, CPVC, PVC, PE-RT, polybutylene, and HDPE pipes.

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