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NAECA 2015 Water Heater Standards

A 2015 update to the U.S. minimum energy conservation standards officially went into effect on April 16, 2015. These standards will impact the size of water heaters as well as space restrictions.

SharkBite News & Press - Naeca 2015 Water Heater Standards

Under the new NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) regulations, most storage-type water heaters must be larger in size to comply with stricter minimum energy efficiency standards, ultimately requiring them to have a larger storage tank and more space for installation. All water heaters sold after April 16, 2015 will be subject to the updated NAECA 2015 regulations, and these new energy efficiency standards will be mandated on all residential water heaters.

We want our distributors, customers and installers to feel confident that RWCmanufactured products can continue to supplement water heaters that comply with the new efficiency standards. There’s still no need to worry about hot water delivery and capacity issues.

Learn more about the NAECA 2015 regulations update and how the Cash Acme® Tank Booster PRO, easily installed with SharkBite connections, can meet these new standards while increasing water delivery by up to 100%:

NAECA 2015 and the Cash Acme Solution