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Made in the USA: Why It Matters

Benefits of American-made products and how RWC supports onshore manufacturing.

Thermal Expansion Relief Valves Replace Expansion Tanks

SharkBite’s new Thermal Expansion Relief Valve provides a longer lasting alternative for your customers. It replaces the bulky expansion tank, shut-off valve and fitting right at the water heater for an easier-to-install solution.

Push-to-Connect Plumbing Systems: The Difference Between SharkBite Brass Push, ProLock Push and EvoPEX Push Fittings

All of SharkBite’s Push-To-Connect Systems are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. Discover the key differences and identify which is right for your project.

Using SharkBite Fittings Behind Walls

Approved by IAPMO for behind-the-wall installation, SharkBite is a reliable plumbing solution for diverse jobs.