Slip Repair Fittings

Job Site Tested,
Plumber Approved

When pipes burst, make quick repairs with
SharkBite® Slip Repair Fittings.

No Tools Necessary

No specialty tools, solder, unions or glue required.

Wet Lines

Make repairs in wet lines, even under full flow.

No Wasted Pipes

Repair pipe with one fitting using slip feature - no wasted pipe.

Prevents Freezing

Easily add drain valves to prevent future freezing.

Burst Pipe? No worries!

Make quick repairs to Copper or CPVC pipe. SharkBite’s range of slip fittings allow up to two inches of damaged pipe to be removed and repaired using a single fitting and doesn’t require any additional pipe.

Slip Couplings:

Quickly make in-line repairs, even when the line is under full flow, using a single fitting.

Slip Tees:

Ideal for adding a new line into an existing water line, or adding a drain valve to prevent future freezing.

Slip Pressure Regulating Valves:

Enables quick replacement of an existing pressure regulating valve to control incoming water pressure in homes and buildings.

Slip Ball Valves:

Provides quick installation into an existing water line to provide a reduction, or complete shut-off, of water flow.

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