Put the flexible performance of PEX water tubing to work for you
The ultimate flexibility in potable pipework installation.Learn More The ultimate flexibility in potable pipework installation.Learn More

About SharkBite® Potable Water

PEX Plumbing Pipe

Easy to Install PEX Water Tubing for Potable Water

If you’re searching for a flexible solution for residential or commercial potable water systems, SharkBite PEX water tubing is the ideal solution. Our cross-linked polyethylene tubing is manufactured without an oxygen barrier and comes in white, blue and red. We’ve made installation a breeze with our repeating imprint pattern that when cut properly provides a visual aid to determine if the tube has been inserted all the way into the SharkBite® Push-Fit Fitting.

Our PEX plumbing pipe is available in straight lengths and coils in pipe sizes ranging from ¼ through 1”, and has been approved for use in all model codes in the US and Canada for use in hydronic and potable water systems and is certified to the following standards:

  • NSF 14/61, NSF P171, ASTM F 876, ASTM F 877, CSA B137.5 and AWWA C904.

If you’re searching for ways to reduce installation costs and improve performance, learn more about SharkBite PEX water tubing and tubing connectors, and see for yourself why SharkBite is the name in PEX.