Welcome to SharkBite Training Videos. In this video, I will show you how to correctly use and install SharkBite Ball Valves.

Cash Acme’s full port ball valve now comes with integral SharkBite connectors for easy installation. The body is composed of dezincification-resistant brass and features a single-lever control.

First, de-burr copper pipe and mark the correct depth engagement using the SharkBite De-burring and Depth Gauge Tool.

De-burring eliminates any potential damage to the O-ring when the copper is inserted into the fitting while the depth gauge ensures the pipe is fully engaged in the fitting for a water tight connection every time.

Then, simply push the pipe into the fitting, until it clicks and reaches the correct depth gauge mark. If you are using PEX, there are printed markings on the sides of the pipe to assist you in making sure the pipe is fully engaged in the fitting.

SharkBite ball valves are great for emergency water shut off, where an existing isolation valve has failed from either aging, corrosion, or another fault.

Cut, de-burr, and mark the pipe then push the SharkBite ball valve onto the pipe in the open position then close the valve and you’ll have successfully isolated the line, allowing repairs to be completed.

Included in the SharkBite Ball Valve range are ½”, ¾” and 1” sizes with SharkBite ends, with a drain or vent or with a female thread on one end.

Remember, SharkBite Ball Valves can also be used on copper, CPVC, and PEX.