G’day, welcome to SharkBite training videos, my name is Craig and I’m going to show you how to correctly install SharkBite Manifolds.

SharkBite Manifolds are a valuable time-saver for connecting multiple supply lines in one place. They are used in areas where services are concentrated such as bathrooms and distribution points for an entire house as they make installations significantly faster.

These manifolds are available with a closed or open end and are cost-effective as they allow longer runs of pipe with fewer fittings needed.

Remember to clip pipe regularly, every 18-24” to prevent movement caused by water when mixers are opened and closed or when solenoids are shutting off on dishwashers and washing machines. These fast-acting valves shut the flow very quickly and can force pipe to move if not clipped correctly; this can cause damage to connection points and eventually result in failures.

Simply connect the pipes to the manifold, making sure copper pipe is de-burred and marked using the SharkBite Depth & De-burr Gauge.

Use the handy imprint on SharkBite PEX pipe to ensure the pipe is inserted the entire way for a water-tight connection.

SharkBite Manifolds are with a ¾” feed line connection, 3 x 1/2″ ports and 4 x 1/2″ port varieties, with either a closed or open end.

Create larger SharkBite manifolds by installing with 1/2″ SharkBite Centre Tee’s, so a 3-port becomes a 5-port, or a 4-port becomes a 6-port.

Plug 2, 4-ports together with a Centre Tee to make a 9 port and using Centre Tee’s each end, it can become an 11 port. Utilizing SharkBite Reducing Tee’s, installers can create any combination desired.