Quality in Every Component

Designed for New Construction PEX Systems

Standard Body


Acudel® modified PPSU provides toughness and chemical resistance along with excellent anti-decay stability and dimensional stability.

Body Components


EPDM provides great resistance to outstanding heat, steam, ozone, UV, alkali, and mild acidic and oxygenated solvents as well as high resistance to chloramine at high temperatures. The EvoPEX O-ring seals on the inside of the pipe for a water tight connection.

Grab Ring

Stainless Steel 316 with highest corrosion resistance and strength. The grab ring has teeth that “bite” on the pipe exterior and won’t let go.

Indicator Ring

Copolymer Duracon with superior chemical and thermal stability. Provides visual assurance of proper insertion depth and connection.


Strong polymer with good dimensional stability and chemical resistance for additional support while guiding the pipe into the fitting.


20% glass fiber reinforced Grilamid provides high impact strength, chemical resistance, very low moisture absorption, and high dimensional stability.

Collet Retainer

Stainless Steel 304 provides excellent corrosion resistance and holds the collet together on the body for a professional appearance.

Features and Benefits of
the EvoPEX System

Peace of Mind

The EvoPEX fitting has a green visual indicator for assurance of proper fitting connection.

Freeze Resistant

SharkBite PEX systems are less susceptible to burst in freezing conditions due to the pipe’s ability to expand. The outside temperature does not affect installation of SharkBite EvoPEX pipe and fittings and can be tested immediately once all connections are made.


No torches, glues, or solvents required for installation, which keeps potentially dangerous chemicals out of your home and potable water supply.

Proven & Guaranteed

More than 1.5 million SharkBite connections are made every week. Now the leading push-to-connect fitting has been engineered for PEX pipe installs in new construction and re-pipe applications.


No tools and glue significantly reduces the chance of installation error and leaks which reduces risk of water damage and mold. Minimal learning curve and liability with new laborers.

Efficient Water Delivery

The SharkBite EvoPEX system is immune to corrosion and mineral build-up for greater water pressure and improved delivery of hot water.


25 year system warranty with consequential damage coverage* to provide years of customer satisfaction.


Highest grade of materials from the most trusted manufacturer of push-to-connect fittings.

Ease of Installation

No tools allows for ease of installation in tight spaces. Fitting rotation offers the ability to perfectly align the direction of the pipe and provides a professional installation appearance. No minimum spacing requirements between fittings.

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