How To Make A Connection

How To Install the EvoPEX System

Step 1

When cutting SharkBite PEX Pipe, ensure that the ends are cut square and the surface is smooth. Ensure that both the EvoPEX pipe and fitting are clean and free of dirt and debris in preparation for making a connection.

Step 2

Push the pipe into the fitting firmly (a twisting action reduces insertion force). Take care to avoid inserting the pipe at an angle.

Step 3

Ensure that the pipe is pushed into the fitting fully and engaged properly by checking that the green indicator ring is fully visible in all four slots. This ensures a permanent connection.

Installation Animation


Look inside a SharkBite® EvoPEX® tee and see the inner workings of this evolutionary PEX push fitting. Watch the the inner seal permanently engage with PEX pipe, and the green visual indicator identify a proper, watertight connection is sealed.

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