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SharkBite is the market leader in Push Fit products. With all leaders, there are followers.
However, research proves SharkBite™ unparalleled quality and performance amongst other products in the market.

Only a Shark will do!

Why is it so important?

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Strength Against Dezincification

SharkBite fittings use solid forged brass bodies which give it the strength and dependability it is known for.

Strength Against Dezincification

Our solid forged brass bodies give it the strength to withstand chemical attacks on the material.

Other Products

With less quality standard brass materials the chemical attack will result in dezincification ultimately resulting in leaking fittings.

SharkBite is leading the industry standards to ensure Dezincification doesn’t occur to insure quality

Tested to AS2345 standards

Are They Really Lead Free?

Californian Law AB 1953 states that maximum amount of lead in brass products is under 0.25%. So are the other products really lead free?

Sharkbite Lead free product
Other Products lead free plating

Are They Really Lead Free?

.24% Lead Sharkbite ensures that our brass is manufactured to a maximum of 0.24%. Which is less than Federal regulation requires per the Safe Drinking Water Act (Sec. 1417).

.60% Lead We found typical levels of around 0.60% lead in other products. But can claim to be “Lead Free” by definition based on surface areas of
exposed brass.

O-Ring Stress Relaxation Test

Push-fit plumbing fittings depend on a rubber o-ring for their performance, both in the short term and the long term. In this test, the amount of sealing force is measured after a duration under normal compression. The more sealing force that remains, the better.

The acceptable loss of sealing force after seven days, according to EN681-1, is 30%, or a retained force of 70%.

Sharkbite Retained 85% Seal
Other Products retained 60% seal or less

O-Ring Stress Relaxation Test

SharkBite beats the acceptable loss of sealing force by 15%

According to EN681-1

O-Ring Chloramine Resistance

Method ASTM D6284

After 8 weeks exposed to chloramine solution O-Ring Chloramine Resistance

Our Quality Steel Grab Ring

After years in service, SharkBite knows that there is no substitute for quality steel in our grab rings. That’s why we use better grade steel than any other grab ring products.

Our Quality Steel Grab Ring

We use only 316 grade stainless steel in our SharkBite fittings to ensure corrosion resistance in all conditions.

Other Products

The other products were found to be at the lower limits of the lower grade 304 or 301 stainless steels, a cost saving for them, but will it stand the test of time?

The True Sharkbite

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